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Cloud Reference Framework @Pi™ provides a blueprint and template architecture that is reused by product portfolio solutions.

The Reference Model explains the concepts and relationships that underlie the architecture framework.

The core network in built on the spine-leaf architecture, where a series of leaf switches form the access layer and are fully meshed to a series of spine switches.

This ensures that access-layer switches are no more than one hop away from one another, minimising latency.

Links between the leaf and spine layer could be either switched or routed.

VXLAN Network overlays provide a highly virtualised, multi-tenant environment which is fine-tuned @Pi™.

Harbour1™ Computing Reference Architecture is the basis for Virtual Private Cloud, Community Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, SDDC and Secure Environments.

OpenStack is the base of Harbour1™ Reference Architecture which consists of Nova nodes designed to provision and manage large networks of virtual machines, creating a redundant and scalable cloud computing platform.

Swift is used to create redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of standardized servers to store petabytes of accessible data glance.

It provides discovery, registration and delivery services for virtual disk images and neutron, that serves as the network node for management of SDN layer.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

    VPC @PiCloud™ provides secure data transfer between a private enterprise ensuring that each customer’s data remains isolated

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  • Community Cloud

    Community Cloud @PiCloud™ Datacenters are specialized environments that are designed for clients that are either driven by compliance and regulatory measures

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  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud Solutions @PiCloud™ Datacenters allow organisations to maximize their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operation

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  • SDDC

    PiCloud Datacenters are build ground up as a SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) with virtualization and software

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