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Retail industry solutions @Pi™ are designed for network clouds, where the design is network focused. This architecture is  intensively dependent on the network communication due to its service-based nature.


We provide network service functions built to support the delivery of back-end network services such as DNS, NTP or SNMP and to run customer-facing network tools for services viz. VPN, MPLS private networks, GRE tunnels, sized to maintain HA across sites.


@Harbour1™ solutions ensure adherence to policies for retention, ownership, sovereignty of data  for all industry clients.




  • Vendor independent
  • Highly scalable ecosystem
  • Support indeterminate platforms and applications
  • Designed for scale and cost efficient operations
  • No single point of failure in the cloud ecosystem
  • High availability architecture, to meet customer SLA
  • Designed to be tolerant to rack level failures


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