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Aug 24

Situational Leadership – Need of a Crisis Hour

24-Aug-2016, Wednesday

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“Rough waters are true tests of leadership. In calm water, every ship has a good captain”.

Crisis brings out the rigor and strength of a leader. Adversities are known to bring out a leader from the crowd or the best in a leader. Resolution of unintended and unforeseen adversities calls for situational leadership. Situational leadership stands apart from regular leadership, owing to the unpredicted and unplanned happenings. Especially during the crisis, the stakes are much higher, the stakeholders and customers are more attentive, the mood is more volatile, credibility is at stake, institutional constraints come into play, the facts are ambiguous, and it calls for higher levels of risk taking. World history of Political, Sports and Social institutions and scenarios have mirrored strongest leaders emerge out of crisis situations.

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