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IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS @Pi™ is a self-service model for provisioning, accessing, monitoring, and managing cloud infrastructures.

It includes compute (virtualised or bare metal), storage, networking, and network components viz. firewalls, routers and switches.


Clients as IaaS tenants, can manage applications, data, run-time, middle-ware, and OS flavors, while @Pi™ managed services, supports the underlying virtualisation, servers, hard drives, storage, and network layers.


@Pi™ we can also manage the databases, messaging queues and other services above the virtualisation layer.


Self-Service Portal allows users to provision from over 50 pre defined templates for IaaS provisioning :

  • Virtual Servers – T-shirt sizes, Custom flavor configurations
  • Independent Storage – Tiered storage solutions starting from 1GB with auto tiering
  • Network Architectures – SDN / VXLAN
  • Virtual Private Clouds – Private Cloud with Compute/Storage/Network

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