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Making The Difference @Pi™

True TCO @PiCloud™ Datacenters is achieved in higher utilization of resources ranging from Utility, Network, Compute, Storage, Manpower with on-demand flexibility and scale.

Customers save money by replacing fixed infrastructure @PiCloud™ Datacenters when workloads are spiky, specifically when the peak-to-average ratio is greater than the utilized resource costs.

On-Demand flexibility @PiCloud™ Datacenters brings about accurate utilization cost than a forecasting model as business models can be market ready at a faster pace and lower cost.

TCO @PiCloud™ Datacenters shows clear and transparent advantage in Utility, Hardware, Software and Support costs

  • Cloudonomics

    The economics of cloud datacenters with on-demand, pay-as-you-go and access anywhere

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  • Power Consumption

    Consolidated Load Optimization with software led infrastructure modernization and optimization @PiCloud™ Datacenters

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  • Infrastructure Usage

    Infrastructure usage is maximised @Pi™ Datacenters, which is fully close looped automated workflow processes making resources are at over 90% utilization and reclaim at 100%

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  • Capex / Opex

    CapEx and Opex @PiCloud™ is adept at anticipating and addressing customers changing resource requirements

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