Container as a Service (CaaS) provides a framework to deploy and manage containers and applications, that allows enterprises to build scale-out container architecture. Using CaaS platform, enterprises can deploy, run and manage their applications on any container orchestration platforms of their choice. Harbour1® is a fully managed container service platform, that manages the application's container orchestration.

Key Features

Harbour1 Container Service Architecture
  • CaaS handles container deployment and cluster management with container orchestration platforms such as:




  • Containers can be deployed faster and can be scaled up without manual intervention, that can be further plugged into existing application environments seamlessly
  • The entire container infrastructure of Harbour1® is self-healing with automated rollouts and rollbacks
  • Policy-based autoscaling and zero downtime to run any application updates
  • A self-service solution to provide hosted container service for cloud users, which can be easily clustered with the help of Mesos and Kubernetes
  • Load balancing and service health monitoring
Harbour1 Container orchestration
  • Build, deploy and manage containerized applications such as Hadoop, Apache and Spark in a clustered environment
  • CaaS enables deployment, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery(CD)
  • Powered by Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • Choice to run on top of physical or virtual, public or private cloud, and even hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Monitor, debug, and manage on the fly, with applications running on the cloud
  • Flexible and interoperable
  • Persistent storage with SDS
  • Public and private repositories

Benefits of CaaS on Harbour1®

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