Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the types of cloud computing, that offers virtualized compute, storage, network and other resources via internet. At Pi DATACENTERS we manage and support the underlying infra of our SDDC, this allows enterprises to concentrate on their core business, and to bring down capital expenditure (CapEx). Our enterprise-class, award-winning, true blue Indian cloud platform, Harbour1® is built on OpenStack. As soon as the user launches an instance, it automatically generates the necessary compute infrastructure, with specific requirements, within a minute.

IaaS Architecture on Harbour1®

Harbour1 IaaS Architecture
  • The underlying architecture of Harbour1® is software defined which completely eliminates vendor lock-in and provides scalability in every aspect without downtime
  • Compute nodes connected to multi-hypervisor environment
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) coupled with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on high speed network (10G - 50G) backbone
  • State-of-the-art high-speed firewalls and intrusion prevention services, besides content security
  • SDN on EVPN VXLAN network fabric
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS) with auto-tiering and shadow replication
  • Storage with n+n redundant copies of data

Key Features

Harbour1 IaaS Dashboard
  • Harbour1® provides the facility to monitor the resource usage, like tracking expenses, monitoring performance, balancing network traffic, troubleshooting application issues and managing disaster recovery
  • Complete infrastructure management and resource deployment from single user-friendly web interface
  • Huge variety of predefined Windows and Linux OS templates
  • Option to create customized flavours
  • IaaS tenants at Harbour1® can opt for any of the below types of virtual servers:
    • Shared Infrastructure Servers
    • Shared Infrastructure Servers with Managed Services
    • Virtual Private Servers
    • Virtual Private Servers with Managed Services

Benefits of IaaS on Harbour1®

  • Harbour1 IaaS High Availability

    The underlying end-to-end architecture of Harbour1® rides on an integrated, highly available framework, thereby assuring 99.995% resource availability at the data center level

    High Availability
  • Harbour1 IaaS Protected by AI

    Self-healing platform, infused with artificial intelligence, that tremendously helps in recovering and protecting the data before the occurrence of any disaster

    Protected by AI
  • Harbour1 IaaS Secure Environment

    Built on a vulnerability-resistant platform, multi-level security features are embedded in the hardware processors along with IDS and IPS features at the edge network level

    Secure Environment
  • Harbour1 IaaS Elasticity

    Leverage predeployed IT resources, with inbuilt interchangeability, redeployable, interoperable, zero deboarding, giving 100% on demand elasticity to users

  • Harbour1 IaaS Automation and Orchestration

    An application-aware infrastructure with APIs, assuring minimum user intervention, by optimizing manpower and improved delivery by strategically deploying resources

    Automation and Orchestration

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