Storage as a Service (STaaS) helps organisations to opt for immensely scalable, highly cost-effective and fully managed cloud storage services. STaaS on Harbour1® offers a secured, reliable and scalable framework for storing and retrieving data from web applications, mobile applications, Big Data and IoT applications. Harbour1® provides Software Defined Storage (SDS) to enterprise customers with highly available and on-demand elastic storage. Availed storage can be used for, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud bursting, storage tiering, and migration.

Key Features

Harbour1 STaaS Storage Architecture
  • Scalability to hundreds of terabytes (TB) per storage volume
  • Customized replicated copies of customer's critical data
  • Consistent performance and throughput of data
  • Choose from Flash/SSD/SATA/SAS storage pools
  • API based access to object storage
  • n+n redundant data copies to ensure availability
  • Storage gateways connect to the underlying SDS in a secured manner
Harbour1 Software Defined Storage

XBlock Storage

  • Block storage volumes, which are attached to virtual servers, are easily manageable from Harbour1®
  • Features such as snapshot and resizing, are available for block volumes
  • Block storage volume can be retained even after deleting the virtual server
  • Storage devices are interchangeable between different servers

XObject Storage

  • Simple and flexible transfer of data
  • Scalability (upto PBs) and distributed access
  • Object storage with Harbour1® supports custom metadata
  • Easy access to storage, from anywhere, at any time, to any device

Benefits of STaaS on Harbour1®

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