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Cloud Migration is something which is considered as a stressful implementation for the corporations since it involves the role of stakeholders as well.

Cloud Migration


With the increasing interrelationship of important IT systems necessary to the business, a cloud migration tends to be an oversized project that’s solely done once and thus isn’t one thing that a company will build up expertise with doing over time. The issues that arises during the migration process can be fully foreseen in advance and sometimes weren’t completely understood until they are identified as the migration progresses.

We, PiDATACENTERS, have 5 Tips to help ensure a smooth migration.

Understanding the Situation is Crucial.

A Successful cloud migration is something where the migration team has a clear understanding of the present IT and Systems environment before the projects gear up. Detailed project management plan is in advance, where there must also be a test plan. Implementing a test migration before actually going ahead with the real migration will help the migration team in identifying the undiscovered issues and can proceed with the resolved issues in the real migration process. It is also important in the cloud migration to establish an on-going communication with all the stake holders especially when critical systems experience downtime.

Ensure Skilled Staff are In

Skilled staff in the Migration Team with Appropriate skills and experience is very important and the staff must be surely aware of the scope of the project and application involved. An Experience Disaster Recovery technician can make thing work smooth if in case anything happens suddenly and moreover the team work of the skilled employees can play a major role in overcoming any disasters in the migration process.

Specify Clear Scope

Proper defining the scope of the project upfront is important for the successful cloud migration. This is something difficult to understand the accurate cost and timeline of the project in advance which includes the exact customer requirements and goals of the project to start with.

Avoid doing these two things simultaneously

  1. Cleaning up existing systems
  2. Migrating to Cloud

Because this will again split into 2 projects and unnecessary stain and burden to the team.


Developing accurate schedule of events is important in the  cloud migration so that the stakeholders understand the exact picture of the project. This involves developing a full contingency strategy ought to things go awry throughout implementation to make sure a fallback exists just in case of unforeseen circumstances. Not all IT migrations go as good as planned particularly once legacy systems are concerned. From the year 2001 and 2005, the FBI’s planned Virtual Case File project that ought to have taken three years to finish, and further it is unsuccessful after four years whereas running over budget by 170 million dollars and never seeing completion.

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Think Ahead

Ensure that problems like security, governance and performance are taken into consideration into the project coming up with from the beginning and aren’t an afterthought. Finally, make sure that the corporation has the resources available in place to manage the cloud once it’s live. whereas security remains a key concern for the enterprise in an exceedingly cloud environment, a scarcity of resources and experience – guaranteeing that employees possess the information and skills to make and maintain a cloud atmosphere – is currently now the first and primary concern of companies while considering a migration to cloud.

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2 thoughts on “Cloud Migration : 5 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL MIGRATION TO CLOUD

  1. Skylar Williams Posted On

    Thank you for your tip to not clean existing systems and migrate to Cloud at the same time. My brother works for a data center and he told me that they are virtually moving their data. I will pass this tip onto him so that there is no unnecessary burden on him.


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