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In today’s digital-driven industry cloud services have assumed significance for right reasons. With customers emphasizing on quicker and cheaper time to market, the need for flexibility in access, scalability in capacity, agility in performance and cost efficiency are rightly addressed by Cloud.

Our enterprise-class cloud platform Harbour1® mirrors innovation, thought re-engineering backed by relentless industry research, and technology assimilations.  It incubates flexibility, scalability, high redundancy and being platform agnostic into all our products and services. Being delivered out of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) environment, our services are available on demand and viable on cost.

How it works?

HARBOUR1® is built on Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture. SDN decouples control and forwarding plane which makes it programmable and easily adaptable to dynamic demands of a customer’s environment.  We decouple the physical network topology from virtual topology by using tunneling. This provides scalable and multi-tenant virtual networks on our cloud platform.


The strategic collaboration between Pi and Arista has opened an arena of innovative SDN solutions at service provider level, for the Indian industry.

dot  We have deployed Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on network infrastructure plane by collaborating SDN best practices and Arista EOS.

dot  NFV makes network more agile and efficient by moving network functions from dedicated appliances to high volume servers, switches and storages. Customers gain from the flexibility, scalability, and security that NFV delivers at an optimal cost.

dot Pi in strategic partnership with Arista Networks is providing Leaf-Spine Network, scoring over the traditional 3-tier model, with its unique benefit stack. The use of Layer 3 routing with BGP Equal Cost multipathing (ECMP) improves the total available bandwidth by utilizing all available uplinks. With easily adaptable configurations and design, Leaf-Spine has given better control to IT departments of organizations in managing of oversubscription and scalability.

dot Eliminating the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) has led to drastically improved network stability. Utilizing new tools and the ability to overcome inherent limitations with other solutions such as SDN, Leaf-Spine environments allow IT departments, Cloud network and data centres to thrive while accomplishing all business goals for an organization.

Pi’s Software Defined Storage (SDS) architecture

Pi’s Software Defined Storage (SDS) architecture, powered by Dell EMC delivers cutting edge and highly scalable solutions, to its customers across industry verticals. Overcoming the lag of dedicated workloads, painful migrations and expensive storage hardware, in the traditional storage environment, SDS architecture enables can be overcome by using SDS solutions. SDS offers highly scalable solution without any disruption to the existing environment and proves to be an optimised solution for high performance applications. Our SDS solutions also offer elasticity with auto-balance of resources across the nodes.

Why choose Harbour1®?

Key Attributes:

dot  Security oriented configuration models
dot  Business Continuity and DR
dot  High on industry compliance
dot  Virtualization orchestration
dot  Process automation and auto scaling
dot  Operational efficiency & Business agility
dot  Improved flexibility
dot  Ease of migration
dot  Optimal TCO

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