Industry Solutions


Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions @Pi® cater to industry with diverse geographic footprints, high performance computing needs, intensive workloads and with need of Big data analytics.

In our solutions, we provide services viz. virtual machine disk library, file and object storage, virtual firewalls, load balancers as a service, VIP addresses, network connectivity in the form of overlays or virtual local area networks and Big data analytics through Hadoop.

Industry Solutions for Cloud Storage @Pi® are designed to provide defined flexibility on virtualised infrastructure and resembles broader cloud computing in terms of accessible interfaces, elasticity, scalability, multi-tenancy, and metering.

The storage Environments are highly fault tolerant through redundancy and distribution of data through the creation of versioned copies. It is consistent with regard to data replicas.

@Pi® the networks are tailored to specific industry client, to reduce latency through faster page loads, blazingly fast video streams, and highest quality VoIP sessions for a never before user experience.


    Solutions @Pi® for IT and IT-Enabled Service sectors is designed by keeping view the characteristics of this industry

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  • BFSI

    By transferring the services into cloud the banking institutions can save more operational costs

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  • Government and PSU

    Industry Solutions for Government and Public Sector Industry @Pi™ is tuned to a storage focused cloud

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  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing industry solutions @Pi™ designed for Hybrid Cloud options where the design spans more then one cloud.

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  • Retail

    Retail industry solutions @Pi™ are designed for Hybrid Cloud options where the design is network intensive.

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