Government and PSU

Government and PSU

Industry Solutions for Government and Public Sector @Pi™ is tuned to a storage focused cloud architecture that consists of many distributed, synonymous resources, which are often referred to as integrated storage clouds.


Solutions characteristics for this sector includes, active archive, backups and hierarchical storage management, general content storage and synchronization, data analytics with parallel file systems and unstructured data store for services.


Our solutions are designed for client requirements viz. Social media back-end storage, Persistent block storage, Operating system and application image store, Media streaming, Databases, Content distribution and Cloud storage peering.


@Pi™, industry solutions take into consideration requirements like Data defined storage-focused cloud performance, Access patterns, Data structures, striking a balance between cost and user requirement.




  • Active archive, backups and hierarchical storage management.
  • General content storage and synchronization
  • Data analytics with parallel file systems.
  • Unstructured data store for services
  • Operating system and application image store.
  • Media streaming.
  • Databases.
  • Content distribution.
  • Cloud storage peering.


Government and PSU

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