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Enterprise Application Management Services

Application upgrade Services

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App Managed Services

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Capacity Planning

Datacenter Migration

Business Analytics

  • L1, L2 and L3 Support adhering to Service Levels accepted with the customer.
  • Research and Improvement Roadmap recommendations.
  • Special supports during the month end and year ends.
  • 24/7 service help desk support and system monitoring
  • SAP system Plan/Build/Migrate/Upgrade and setup.
  • Proactive capacity planning based on user growth, system capability, and service levels.
  • OS, DB, and application operation support.
  • Problem Resolution for application performance, process execution, and application errors.
  • Performance Tuning and monitoring for key business processes and peak cycles.
  • Backup and recovery, HA, DR and Data Archiving Services.
  • Solman Charm, EWA, SLD, Alerts and Service desk setup.
  • ECC EHP upgrades.
  • Netweaver version upgrades.
  • SAP Solution manager application upgrade and setup.
  • SAP SCM, CRM, MDG, CRM, Fiori, GRC, PI/PO, EH&S and MII application Upgrades.
  • DB patching and version upgrades.
  • Hostagent and other OS component patching.
  • S/4HANA MIGRATIONS from on-prem to Pi SAP certified cloud.
  • S/4 HANA in AWS, Azure, Vmware cloud migration and support.
  • S/4 HANA Greenfield implementation and support.
  • S/4 HANA conversion/Upgrade and support.
  • HANA DB patching and version upgrades.

Cloud Migration Options

Migration Roadmap

Backup and HA Services

  • Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS)

    CSBS can create backup for an ECS and BMS and restore the service data of the ECS and BMS by using the backup data

  • Volume Backup Service (VBS)

    VBS creates backups and replicas of EVS disks to ensure data security and accuracy

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

    Remote disaster recovery protection for Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) and Bare Metal Servers (BMSs)

  • Cloud Server High Availability (CSHA)

    High availability protection for ECSs across data centers in one city

  • Volume High Availability (VHA)

    VHA provides active-active local storage for volumes in the Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) and Bare Metal Servers (BMSs)

  • VM/OS level High Availability (VMHA)

    High availability for virtual machines by pooling them and the hosts they reside on into a cluster

HANA DR Solutions

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Backup and Restore

Low cost, simple, support point-in-time recovery.


Higher RPO, Longer RTO, Extra time to load column table data to RAM.

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Storage Replication

0 RPO with synchronous replication, Reusable secondary system.


Need to free up existing system resources at secondary site, Extra time to reach full performance, Synchronous replication only support till 100 KM, doesn't protect against storage corruption, Require more bandwidth.

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System Replication

0 RPO, very less RTO, full performance right after failover,secondary system can be reused with no data preload.


Require dedicate live standby system and efficient inter site link, Require a solution for client connection recovery upon failover. Multi Tier and Multi Target replication

DB2 DR Solutions

  • HADR
  • Can be used with Tivoli, Power HA
  • Replicate data changes from primary to secondary DB
  • Shared nothing Architecture
  • Fast and automatic failover
  • Modes:
    • SYNC : time = Primary log write + log send + standby log write + ack_message
    • NEARSYNC : time = Primary log write + log send + ack_message of receive from standby server
    • ASYNC : Primary log write + log send
    • SUPERASYNC : Primary log write
  • Transaction logs are automatically backed up and replicated to standby server with help of log file replication job
  • Not require expensive software or Hardware.
  • Primary and secondary do not have to be identical.
  • Warm standby
  • Manual Failover

Oracle DR Solution

  • Ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data
  • Log shipment between primary and secondary databases over network
  • Data guard can transfer and apply logs in from primary to secondary and also change the role of the server when DR happens
  • Required bandwidth = ((Redo generate bytes per sec. / 0.7) * 8) / 1,000,000 = bandwidth in Mbps
  • Automatic failover with Oracle Enterprise manager

Sybase DR Solution

  • Replication server needs to configure in both Primary and Standby servers
  • Sybase ASE should be version 15.7 SP102 or higher
  • Sybase Replication Server version should be 15.7.1 SP102 or higher
  • DR Agent is used to configure and monitor DR setup. It also helps to have automatic failover


  • Provides two copies of the database, which are almost identical. The state of the mirror database is very close to the production database.
  • Easy set up and Fail over.
  • No special hardware is required to implement database mirroring.
  • Operation Modes
    • High performance (asynchronous): The primary server does not wait for any confirmation from the mirrored server. This mode does not guarantee that all transactions that are committed on the principal server are saved in the mirrored database.
    • High safety without automatic failover (synchronous): primary server confirms the transaction only after receiving the acknowledgment from the mirrored server. Can cause performance issue. Fail over is manual
    • High safety with automatic failover (synchronous) : Automatic fail over
  • Setup a standby SQL server and setup log shipping to sync dbs.
  • Can use the standby database for read-only purposes by noncritical applications such as database consistency checks.
  • A single SQL Server database instance can act as backup for several production databases.
  • Log shipping can be implemented using buffering. This backs up the transaction
  • logs regularly (such as every 10 minutes), which are then held for a longer period (such as two hours) before being applied.
  • New feature of SQL Server 2012 for high-availability and disaster recovery.
  • Similar to mirroring with advanced features.
  • Provides four secondary replicas besides the primary replica.
  • Two of the mirrors work with synchronous data replication whereas the additional two mirrors work with asynchronous data replication.
  • Combines below products to get a better solution.
    • Database mirroring
    • SQL standby server to prevent data loss
    • Windows server failover clustering to increase availability

End to End ERP solution

Pi facilitates the successful transition of SAP business systems into an efficient managed services model; allowing you to focus on what's important for your organisation. Our framework takes complete ownership of the lifecycle of your enterprise applications with the flexibility and affordability you should expect.

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