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As a part of the Placement Council, MBA, BITS Pilani, I had the opportunity to interact with quite a few companies. As the SIP recruitment drive started and the companies started coming in, I had this instinctive curiosity within me to know, where I myself would end up in. I don’t really know if it were the subtle and rapid responses that we got, or was it the crisp, simple yet strong JD that was sent across, or was it what we call, ‘the gut feeling’ that got me to believe, Pi was the one.

They say start-ups can make or break you. Joining an internship program, you just wanted to be completely sure that you wanted to do this. And I was ready to take the plunge.  And Boy… wasn’t I right in doing so. Being a fresher with little corporate experience, the internship would perhaps shape my perception towards the corporate world at large, and I believe my internship at Pi shaped it pretty well.

Interacting with and following many a company doesn’t give you a very reinforcing image for a start-up. It projects an image of uncertainty and entropy. But perhaps that is where Pi makes the biggest difference. Fellow interns at other organizations are perhaps not as lucky as me, and are many times faced with rigid JDs and less freedom, but Pi defies it all. What we were greeted with here was a very settled and composed ambience. There was no confusion with the reporting structure, neither was there any unpleasant deviation from the JD, what we received at Pi was the feel of a proper young dynamic corporate.

Pi, unlike many start-ups, is not just a company taking flight from the ground with dreams of reaching the stars. It has a disruptive approach to the industry the kind that defies norms and goes out of the way and perhaps as I sensed on quite a few occasions, ahead of time. With a very strong and capable leadership that holds within them over 250 man years of experience, Pi is backed by the technical know-how and the right leadership to go over the line. Here at Pi, I didn’t get a feel as being an intern. I was one with the team, totally engrossed. Other than for my JD, I am also offered the luxury of exploring other areas of my interest. It gives me the opportunity to understand and gain a holistic view towards the field of marketing, to reflect upon the different roles and to gain expertise in it. It has helped me grow both as a person and as a professional. Within its short span of time as a player in the industry, Pi has carved out its own niche and has its future goals and the path well set. To be in a place with so much happening all around and to be an integral part of it is perhaps the best feel an intern can dwell upon.

It’s said that it is your experiences in life that set your benchmarks for the things you do and the things you expect thereafter, Pi, has no doubt set it a few notches higher for me.

                                                                                Signing off…

  • Abhay Nair (MBA 2015-17, BITS Pilani)

Marketing Intern, Pi DATACENTERS

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