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Let the experts baby sit your new born!!! – Why do startups need to outsource their datacenter?

dfdsfdsgvdbgvThe industry is erupting in awe and listening in rapt attention as data centers and cloud solutions come with a universe of possibilities on their own. Why not? Over the years Enterprises have been fascinated by the capability evolution intelligent datacenters have been able to equip them with.

Let us today double click on the benefits of the same for the newborn community, the popularly known start – ups, of the industry.

With the startup culture in India on an upswing, these solutions are touted to be the most sorted after, as they help the newborns of the industry to go operational on the click of a mouse and be market ready in no time. It is a long cognized fact that this just suits the evolving and dynamic nature of the market.

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These newborns are known for their brimming energy, boundless passion to succeed, unlimited talent but bounded investments and limited man power in laying the path to success. Diversification of investments and manpower in building the sophisticated, scalable and highly efficient infrastructure layer for their ventures is not a feasible idea. Channeling their limited resources to their core and spreading thin across non-core element of their business, like IT operations by opting to outsource would be a smart parental choice by the founders and leaders.

For a booming start-up, the idea of building its own datacenter is a big no – no. Building an in-house datacenter to serve the desired level of uptime takes huge monetary and time investment which is not very desirable. It is not just about the compute and storage you house, but the additional infra needs like space , security , power, cooling etc., to keep it right and running. Make the smart choice of outsourcing by choosing a provider with a visionary build of datacenter which has inbuilt redundancy, grounds up to enable your application uptime requirements.

The benefits out of outsourcing to an efficient and world class service provider are numerous and below are just some of them:

  1. Opex is always a pocket savior: To choose Opex over Capex (by outsourcing) is a smart choice in the case of shoe string budgets. This proves to be pocket friendly and helps them course the larger funds to the core of their business.
  2. Data Loss – Not a risk worth taking: In the eventuality of a disaster or a sheer bad fate, the market intelligence they have been building to target the right audience and applications they have been developing to deliver the best to their customers can all be lost in a jiffy. This is beyond a disaster to a start-up riding high on intelligence as an asset. Lacking the technical knowhow and yet being fixated to do all things in-house would prove to be fatal. Mitigating or avoiding this risk by outsourcing to a provider who can strategize, plan and implement your BCP with their technology and people assets is the way out.
  3. Quality without a compromise: While the shallow pockets are saved big way by outsourcing, with a 3rd party service provider, it also gives you access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and services. The scale of operations of service providers enable seamless service and quality, which let the newbies play on a level field with their established competitors.
  4. Stick to Core Competencies and focus: Running a datacenter is no walk in the park. The regulatory compliances, technicalities call for more dedicated personnel and resources. It is not advisable to channel the limited and highly talented pool onto something very mundane. Let the service provider baby sit for the tasks which are their core competencies, while the in-house parents can strategize better by focusing on the key strengths.
  5. Take the expert advice: To take a back seat and let the experts help take a well-informed decision regarding what suits the environment is the right way. This gives a liberty of directing the infant in the right strategic direction. Choose a partner who would not fit himself into the needs but someone who would tailor the fit solution for the need.

To let go what is not in the expert zone is a smart way of doing things. But it is equally important to put them in the right hands of a service provider, who not only thinks about what was asked for but also advocates what it takes to excel. Let them baby sit you with their expertise. This gives the new parents breathing space and let them strategize and execute a smooth takeoff in the market.

Look for a partner and not vendor..and all you see is a major check box ticked off for your new born, to sky rocket.

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