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After-sales service = A brand building strategy – Bhaskar Vadlamani

14-Jan-2018, Sunday

The December 2017 edition of VARINDIA – India’s frontline IT Magazine, covers how after-sales service strategy eventually lead to either the brand building a good rapport with the customer or the brand’s fall-out with the customer. Bhaskar Vadlamani, Chief Customer Officer, Pi DATACENTERS, explains why after sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention.

 Pi datacenters VARINDIA v Bhaskar

The success of any organization is highly dependent on the services it provides to its customers after the sale is done. In fact, I would go a step ahead and say that getting more revenue from an existing customer is much more in our control than winning a new customer. Traditionally if you look at the data, many successful enterprises claim that their repeat business is more than 90%. And adding new customers is predominantly in single digits. It’s not easy to sell given the tough competition in every domain and usually cycles are long. says Bhaskar.

VARINDIA E-Magazine | Jan 2018

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