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Role of Artificial Intelligence and Digitization in Indian Economy – Sunder Muthevi

17-Jan-2018, Wednesday

The January 2018 edition of SMECHANNELS – India’s first IT magazine for SME business, is about the Views of Industry Experts towards Top Trends and Opportunities for 2018. Sunder Muthevi, Chief Technology Officer, Pi DATACENTERS, shared interesting insights about “Role of Artificial Intelligence and Digitization in Indian Economy”.

Pi DATACENTERS SME Channels Sunder Muthevi

“The era of digitization and Artificial Intelligence is here, and the Indian economy can gain significantly from an efficient and planned implementation. The advantages range across all verticals, in the private and government/public sectors. These technology innovations can take India to a whole new level of total production as well as citizens’ quality of life and thus improving the economy.” – Sunder Muthevi, Chief Technology Officer at Pi.

“There is a long way to go and the need of the hour is more investments in IT infrastructure, to support the technologies, the first step to which, has already been taken”, says Sunder.

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