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    Cloud solutions focused on compliance, innovation & cyber security

    • Comply with RBI guidelines

      RBI has mandated payment system data to be stored within the geographical boundaries of India only

    • Advanced threat prevention

      Pi-Cloud is PCI DSS certified to ensure robust defence against internal & external threats

    • Cyber SOC

      Monitor, analyze using SIEM tools and escalate security incidents

    • Offensive measures

      Periodically conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing exercises

    • Data loss prevention strategy

      Comprehensive DLP strategy to safeguard sensitive business and customer data

  • Compute



    Scalable and secured resources to beat the peak with enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction

    • Scalable & stable

      Prepare for those traffic spikes by hosting in state-of-the-art data centres for peace of mind

    • Fast load times

      By hosting on Pi-Cloud, enterprises will benefit from speeds that no on-site infrastructure could promise

    • Savings on TCO

      You only pay for what you need and use with Pi-Cloud, profits can be reinvested into creative ways to grow your business

    • Cyber security

      Protection from DDoS attacks, which can cause customers to lose confidence in the reliability of your website

  • Network

    IT / ITES

    IT / ITES

    Adopt more agile development processes, including decentralized development teams

    • Ease of provisioning and manageability

      With self service provisioning and management, enterprises can manage their environment with minimal friction

    • Collaboration & remote work

      End User Computing services on Pi-Cloud gives your employees mobility and remote work options

    • Virtual Private Network

      Encrypted IPsec connections between a local data center and Pi-Cloud VPC

    • Security

      We ensure your mission critical data and workloads are secure from ever evolving cyber threat

    • Strategic partnerships

      Pi-Cloud Partner Program enables enterprises to collaborate with us in their journey to cloud transformation

  • Storage



    Optimize your production and achieve faster go to market with Pi-Cloud

    • Industry 4.0

      Take advantage of IoT by building smart factories and faster production lines

    • Improve your operations

      Add a wide variety of cost effective and powerful analytics to process, analyze, and visualize data

    • Innovate faster with SAP on Pi-Cloud

      Pi-Cloud allows engineers to solve complex problems quickly enabling enterprises to reduce time-to-results

    • Lower your IT costs

      Focus on improving business operations and innovation, not IT infrastructure

    • Enhanced security

      Data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations

  • Security



    Migrate from legacy systems and as you transform into e-learning with enhanced research and innovation

    • Virtualize your labs

      With app streaming on Pi-Cloud, institutions and schools can centrally manage thousands of applications

    • Access desktop from any device

      Support remote work and remote learning with Workspace on pi-cloud®

    • Security & Compliance

      Pi-Cloud is built to help even the most security-sensitive institutions meet student data privacy and security requirements

    • Scalability

      Quickly and easily scale up during peak usage times, including enrollment and scale down over vacations

  • SAP



    Improve your compliance and safeguard your workloads, research & customer data

    • Support regulatory compliance

      Pi-Cloud being HIPAA certified ensures effective data security, protecting from unauthorized access and breaches

    • Connect your infrastructure

      Achieve best performance by transferring data within branches, headquarters and availability zones efficiently

    • Business continuity

      High data availability, robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities, supporting minimal RTOs and RPOs

    • Facilitate collaboration

      Pi-Cloud can help your employees to work from remote locations in a secure and compliant manner

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