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Platform agnostic product stack on Pi Cloud is designed and developed keeping in mind the business challenges faced by enterprises. Now businesses can pick suitable products to scale, grow and meet industry demands with ease, efficiency and optimised TCO.

  • Network


    Connect | Scale | Secure


    Connect, scale and secure enterprise networks.. Learn More >

  • Storage


    Object | Block | File | Backup


    Get secure, massively scalable cloud storage for enterprise data, apps, and workloads.. Learn More >

  • Security

    Cyber Security

    Infra | End-point | Apps | Manage

    Cyber Security & compliance

    Multiple layers of protection spread across the workloads, networks, programs, or data ..Learn More >

  • BCP

    Business Continuity

    HA | DR | People | Processes

    Business Continuity

    Ensure enterprise workloads are safe from various cyber and physical threats and are up and running all the time..Learn More >

    • Disaster Recovery

      Keep enterprise business running in times of Man-made or natural Disasters

    • Backup

      Incremental backup solution to restore the original after a data loss event

    • High Availability

      Scalable virtual block storage based on a distributed architecture

  • DevOps


    HA | DR | People | Processes


    Get secure, massively scalable cloud storage for enterprise data, apps, and workloads..Learn More >

    • Continuous Integration

      For developers to merge and integrate their code changes into central repository, real-time

    • Continuous Delivery

      Code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for production releases

    • Microservices

      Design approach to build single application, as set of small services

    • Infrastructure as Code

      Infrastructure is provisioned and managed through code minimizing manual interventions and errors

    • Monitoring & Logging

      Monitor logs and metrics to track applications and infrastructure performance

    • Communication & Collaboration

      Bringing together the workflows and responsibilities of development and operations

  • EUC

    End User Computing

    VDI | Secure Access | Thin-clients

    End user computing

    Virtual desktop infrastructure & application streaming through secured access ..Learn More >

    • Workspaces

      Enables businesses to consolidate desktops in data center

    • App Streaming

      Stream desktop application to a browser and deliver better experience to enterprise users

    • Remote Access Gateway

      Enterprise mobility and secure access from any device working on any network

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