Cloud Products

Cloud Products @Pi® range from Private Clouds for individual environments to Public Clouds for Service Providers including Co-Location, Cloud Hosting, On-Demand Storage and many products for variable workloads and complex architectures and environments

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Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services @Pi™ provide personalized solutions and attention to detail for entire product portfolio.
Service delivery extends beyond simple tasks to ensure customers satisfaction at the highest levels.
Expert, Qualified and Experienced teams provide support in a 24/7 environment to meet the most complex of client requirements.
Time saving state-of-the-art customer service tools provide fully closed loop indecent handling and issue resolution through 4 Tiered support structure.

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Remote Services

Global Remote Management Center @Pi® brings cutting edge technologies for absolute control over geospatal landscapes and Infrastructure Management.
Reducing Operational Costs by increasing efficiency and productivity through transformed infrastructure automation and remote management @Pi™, it provides complete services for datacenter operations.

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Self Service Provisioning

Self-Service Operations @Pi® is built ground up in a cloud framework with fully automated workflow that is customizable to the clients needs.
Workflow driven infrastructure provisioning to a user level includes Physical and Virtual environments and across multiple geographically separated sites.
Service Catalog @Pi® is exhaustive in providing fully customizable flavors and operating environments to build IaaS and PaaS layers.

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