Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation

Automation @Pi™ is based on its SDDC framework which includes Server, Network, Process and Platform Automation.


It gives customers an end-to-end performance driven cost effective solution that is easy to manage, track, identify and respond.


Configuration management for Servers maintain best practices for operating system.

Software configurations can be applied uniformly through Automation for consistency and reduce maintenance costs.


Automatic patch deployment and maintenance @Pi™ provisioned environments, is simple and fast, across large server farms.


It is easy to manage, thus resulting in lower process flow complexity, reduced risk of errors due to automating on a known state, less need for workflow checks and balances.


It ensures successful execution of automation, fewer support requirements and a more reliable workflow, resulting to skilled resource and cost optimisation.



Baremetal and Virtual Server / Storage / Network Deployment Automation

  • OpenStack and IBM Cloud Orchestration

Virtualization and Application Automation

  • Chef and Puppet



Cloud automation


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