PaaS ( Platform as a Service)

PaaS @Pi® is self-service driven and provisioned through the tenant access with custom quota allocations for resources.


PaaS offerings include predefined templates as well as ability to upload custom images with packaged content for fast deployments.


Managed services for PaaS provisioning ensure that the resource capacity, cloud framework limits and checks and balances are adhered to.


PaaS environment provides integration with the underlying IaaS and makes it seamless for developers to get access to hardware resources through APIs.


PaaS helps businesses to minimize operational costs and increase productivity through a quicker time to market


Customer would have the below mentioned off the shelf technology flavors,ready to be deployed :

  • Operating Systems – All flavors of Linux, Windows
  • Databases –Hadoop / SAP HANA / Oracle DB / Apache Stack/ SQL Server
  • Web – Drupal 8 (D8) / Pagoda Box

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