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Software Defined Strategic Cloud Datacenter

Software Defined Strategic Cloud Datacenter

A Strategic Cloud  Datacenter (DC) takes the cloud layer to the next level and completes the Software Defined (SD) environment for all infrastructure including compute, network, storage, power and environment.

A complete SD environment in a DC leads to a software led infrastructure and hence a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), goes beyond the cloud environments, to a fully integrated software component for automation, orchestration and workflow.

To provide speed, accuracy and agility, the SDDC adapts the least human element intervention into DC activities for provisioning both physical and virtual resources.

It is possible to achieve a faster response time to mitigate errors and issues of failure through a fully closed loop software that works on a rules or policy based process and heals itself in any eventuality.

Sensor component driven facilities with virtualised hardware can be fully integrated into the DC software,that reacts faster than the human response to changes in state.

Migrating client environments with many vendor based solutions and implementations is a challenge that the software layer in the SDDC simplifies and streamlines minimizing risk, time and cost for clients.

Dynamic load demand changes are easily addressed in a cost effective way by mixing multiple vendor agnostic technology products and solutions, tailored to meet the client needs.

Maturity in virtualised solutions in compute, storage and network complements the SDDC software fabric to step up the existing features of vendors to a whole different level of solutions that are otherwise not feasible or cost effective.

Hybrid environments become simpler and more secure in a SDDC with the integration being done completely at the software layer resulting in a lower ownership cost.

Shifting business models demand the supporting infrastructure to be changed in the shortest possible time, which is doable seamlessly in a SDDC. Modifying or changing code is faster than moving of physical components.

Challenges encountered with agile software development cycles with continuous changes being done to support environments, that scale up and down, have shorter reclamation duration which are addressed in a SDDC.

Datacenter Management software when integrated into the DC software layer will bring multiple advantages in developing unified solutions between physical and virtual environments like,power, cooling and asset management.

Software Defined Everything (SDE) in a datacenter opens up possibilities for solutions that would have been difficult or cost intensive to implement otherwise, in areas like backup and recovery, disaster recovery, migration to cloud and maintaining of very large infrastructures.

To conclude,while SDDC environments don’t necessarily reduce manpower, it optimizes the effective usage of skills by limiting, if not eliminating routine and repetitive tasks. As part of an integrated product offering, Software Defined Strategic Cloud Datacenters provide complete solution around Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, besides hosting and colocation.

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