With exponential rise in on-demand provisioning of datacenter/cloud environment, rapid deployment of environments, with scale-out and scale-in ability to reclaim capacity is the way to deliver.


It reduces cost as compared to forecast models that are less dynamic and result in higher cost.


Workload spike are addressed at the datacenter which is able to cater to individual client demands and even if the utilities are at a premium, customers are not charged when resources are not in use.


Multi-tenants even-out the spike loads over the lifecycle of the businesses and our datacenter has the ability to re-allocate resources as required


Solution Features


  • Pay for what you use – Utilities
  • Current Demand reality bettering Forecast Models
  • Peak and off-peak loads
  • Using 100% of Infrastructure capacity with optimization
  • Cloud Scale and parallelisation
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Greenfield
  • Capex to Opex

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