Infrastructure Usage

Infrastructure Usage

@Pi® the numerical superiority is put to best use in a large scale network.


It is more stable and robust to withstand external attacks and provide effectively unbounded on-demand scalability, at the same cost.


While a business can accelerate its decision-making, @Pi®, computing tasks can often trade off space and time with compute power put to massive parallel processing at low cost by deploying :


Key Features


  • Optimal Heating and Cooling
  • Automated Deployment and Reuse
  • Adapting Hybrid Usage


Storage Costs

Our multi-technology environments result in providing cost effective enterprise-class storage solutions.


On-demand storage with software defined solutions reduce cost and increase performance significantly, achieving over 90% utilization.


@Pi® there is no trade-off between cost availability and data security.

We ensure data security is at its optimum while delivering cost effective solutions @Pi®.


Key Features


  • On-Demand elastic usage with Virtual Storage Solutions
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Capex to Opex – Dedicated / Shared



Software is optimized @Pi® to provide effective unbounded on-demand scalability without substantial cost acceleration.


This helps customers in quick decision-making and reduce time to market.


Key Features


  • Pay-as-you-go usage
  • Open Platform Solutions
  • Distributed multi-tenant licencing
  • Reduced cost due to proactive maintenance


Modernization Costs

Maximum savings are achieved @Pi® with continuous infrastructure modernization initiatives, resulting in better service to clients.


Modernization results in enhanced features, higher performance and energy efficient datacenter infrastructure, enabling customers to do more with less, boosting competitiveness, business productivity, operating efficiencies, and provide enhanced services.

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