Today’s fast-paced world has a digital answer and an on-demand solution, for every walk of life, making digitization the way of life. With the recent exponential growth in smartphone penetration and affordable internet services owing to competition in the telecom market, the accessibility of and demand for digital services is reaching sky high.

Planning your travel – avoiding the long queues and dependencies on agents, having a cuisine of choice at the comfort of home, accessing government records – to take the informed call, booking the doctor appointment – without having to hear the ‘always busy’ tone on phones, all of these and many more, are today just a click away.

For the last mile user to enjoy the seamless availability of these services from anywhere, with no interruptions, Cloud Technology is what backs them. It made the yesterday’s impossible, today’s possible. It has been the most complexly perceived technology by common man, unaware of the fact that, it contributes to making all of what he/she does today – online or offline easier, convenient and seamless.

Know more about how Pi plays a major role in digitizing every walk of the last mile users' lives:

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