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Climate change has been a cause for concern over the last decade. This in turn, has given organisations and consumers alike ample reason to be able to demonstrate their potential for sustenance. Sustainability automatically gets you to veer towards reducing your carbon footprint, a concern that is very close to social consciousness, given the scary global warming effects that have been bestowed upon the world.

Across industries there’s a proactive approach towards Go-green initiatives.Environmental consciousness is fast becoming a differentiator in competitive marketplaces. Enterprises of all sizes and works of industry are heavily investing on producing better results while cutting down on the depletion of the ozone layer.

Every company should consider sustainability when it comes to helping the brand’s reputation, and helping achieve business goals. With unavoidable infusion of digitisation across all walks of life, continuous availability of IT services to support it is a mandate. To the same context, the significance of data centres hosting compute assets have grown exceedingly. Data centers across millions of enterprises hosting servers, network equipment and storage devices across hundreds and thousands of racks guzzles huge power to keep some of these massive environments up and running and cool enough. This herculean task results in significant carbon imprint into the environment.

This is where data center service providers come to the rescue of the industry where they provide curated and modular data center infrastructures specially designed to progress. Enterprises can colocate their compute resources at an optimal cost, enhanced service availability and minimal overheads. This helps in significantly optimizing energy usage, enhancing operational efficiency while reducing carbon footprint to a great extent.

Colocation is the Ultimate Carbon Killer

User organizations rarely have a fool proof control and visibility mechanism of their infrastructure to be able to optimize their operations, leading to an overuse of servers and other IT and non-IT equipment even when not in full utilization. This wastes a whole lot of power and generates excessive heat. This then needs to be managed by the use of cooling solutions, adding to additional power usage, resulting in further adding on to the carbon footprint. Usually, this situation occurs in buildings that are not designed or equipped for hosting high density racks and compute equipment . This is where data center service providers with tailored colocation and hosting services can come to the rescue to mitigate this burning issue of reduction of carbon footprint.

The following reasons will explain why colocation will reduce a sizable amount of your carbon footprint:

1. Colocation helps host high performance compute and network devices in a fully equipped and tailored to the purpose data center. This helps optimize the operations, enhancing energy efficiency and hence reducing TCO.

2. The automated mechanisms built-in including AI fine tunes performance and powers down equipment that is not in use, thus reducing energy as well as overall costs.

3.Industry standard efficient cooling mechanisms deployed at professional data centers help reduce the heat generated by servers due to continuous use.

4. Data center service providers offer centralized maintenance and optimized resource utility, which are advantageous to high value IT projects.

5. Servers that need intensive workloads are managed effectively with rack design options and sophisticated cooling technology.

6. An overall reduction in the ecological footprint due to a reduced need for fossil fuel –is definitely a win-win situation.

7. Modern-day data centres have further added to carbon savings by building more sustainable green power solutions, thereby ensuring being part of this crusade of saving our environment without compromising on the service quality.

8. Modern-day data centres are also innovative leaders, constantly upping their game by offering new designs and creations to save as much carbon footprint exposure as possible.

9. Data center service provider community can also leverage its cumulative buying power to boost energy companies to invest in green power through PPAs (power purchase agreements) more aggressively.

10. Storing computing equipment and servers can take a lot of space in your office, which might increase the rent as well as add to additional maintenance costs. Colocation will eradicate those kinds of issues by offering ample space for a far lesser price.

The above ‘know why’s’ basically are guiding principles for enterprises to do an effective and informed Operation Benefit Analysis (OBA) & Cost Benefit Analysis(CBA) while choosing between inhouse hosting and colocation for efficient energy consumption and buy more renewable energy in the process. The combination of both these can considerably lower carbon footprint. Colocation can further be a huge boon to small-sized and medium-sized companies as many times; they do not have the resources to invest in renewable energy consumption services but have high powered compute business requirements. Outsourcing to data centres takes this headache away from them while letting them concentrate on their core GTM and delivering profitability.. Many large-scale companies have a good budget to be able to run data centres on their own. In such cases, they may not need to outsource, but more often than not, they tend to steer towards colocation to reduce any environmental damage that might be caused due to reasons known or unknown.

Don’t know Where to Start? Let us Take Care of it!

If you are looking to make your business more agile, at the same time be able to add to the sustainability factor (the need of the hour) as well as ensure stellar performance, fret not! We at Pi DATACENTERS ( bring to you the best of both worlds in terms of energy efficiency and high performance infrastructure at data center and enterprise cloud levels. We guarantee modularity, lower latency, multi layered security overlay and data localisation for servers and data hosted with us. While you do your bit for the environment and in the process experience significant TCO optimisation, we ensure your business is “Lights On” 24×7 . Irrespective of the size of the organisation and the industry you belong to, you will need to look no further when it comes to excellence in efficiency & user experience with an optimised cost structure.