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India’s Data Center Infrastructure ‘The Key for Post COVID-19 Economic Era

COVID-19 has definitely set in motion an unprecedented and extraordinary play of events in every sphere that involves humankind. Be it education, healthcare, technology, banking, entertainment, travel & tourism or even something as ordinary as household shopping. These and other related domains have mutated under the COVID touch. Whether these mutations have improved or deteriorated our way of life, depends on how we perceive them – As a breakdown of normal patterns or a breakthrough to build a more accessible technology-friendly world.

Consider for example, a group of children in a remote village, from where the nearest school is dozens of miles away and is, for most part of the year, devoid of employed teachers. But as the COVID-entrenched world turns to e-classrooms for knowledge transfer, technology is already bringing in accessibility to each child, even in the remotest geographical corners. Or consider the crammed outpatient consultations in hospitals and private clinics that could cater to only a certain number of patients, a day in the pre-COVID era. Things have changed on its head with infusion of technology into these areas of basic needs.

It is no different with all the other areas like, business, economy, and trade, where social interaction has always been the norm. COVID-19 with its stringent protocols on social distancing and immaculate hygiene has disrupted, or rather, brought us together to re-think the kind of innovations we now create for the world.

Companies are already redefining their work schedules to incorporate remote working desks. All of these are enabled by cloud technologies, to help employees and customers collaborate in secure virtual spaces. The BFSI sector, for example, is strengthening its contactless platforms to help customers render cashless transactions and manage market investments remotely. The retail sector is turning to e-commerce, to connect with customers who are wary of shopping in crowded markets. Even the illustrious entertainment industry is rapidly embracing OTT platforms to keep in touch with its fan base.

While COVID-related health focus, might be the catalyst driving this change, there are other advantages that companies are experiencing, which might keep them on this path for good. These include drastic reduction in business running costs, utility bills, pollution arising from workplace travel, better work-life balance, higher productivity and several other such positives.

However, regardless of the major and minor reasons driving these changes, businesses of every size across all industries on the globe are quickly aligning themselves to keep up with these changed times. That means a larger technological evolution is anticipated with Gigabytes of data swarming within the virtual world. India, being one of the largest consumer markets in the world, as well as the epicentre of technology innovations of last decade or so, is hearing up too. This has become the need of the hour for Indian businesses to integrate technologies that can store, manage, and use large volumes of data seamlessly and effortlessly. In fact, it is the new normal and higher chances are that there will be no turning back.

From creating real-world experiences in fixed indoor spaces, to safeguarding personal and business data from cybercrime, all of these priorities need to be accomplished. Needless to say, it is no small task for even the most infrastructurally sound organization.

That is where datacenters can help out companies. Already in the pre-COVID regime and more so today, companies in developed economies of, the US and Europe had foreseen the growing demand of data management and accordingly made moves to harness the power of technology for their continued progress. This is because datacenters come with all the necessary infrastructure, with their state-of-the-art technologies in AI, IOT, Cloud-Based Systems, and Network Services. All of which are essential in providing quality and high-performance results. A competent, technologically sound datacenter has now become the sorted after, business-critical companion for companies, in the changed dynamics. Modern-age datacenters can withstand the most critical data requirements and keep companies running in the face of such breakdowns, as was brought on by COVID-19. The scenario is no different in India. Companies are looking for ways to harness competent digital infrastructure to keep their business processes running.

Priorities have changed, and datacenters have become the catalysts that re-define new channels for growth, development, and technological evolution in India. In a nutshell, datacenters are the key to reinvigorating industrial growth in the post COVID era as Indian organizations move into end-to-end digitalization.