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Colocation Services

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      Private Suites

      With an innovative modular design, we offer physically separated private suites (DC in a DC) to meet high on compliance and high volume colocation requirements from enterprises. These private suites are designed keeping in mind varied quantum of racks with various power capacities, critical operations and security needs.

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      State-Of-The-Art equipped Plug-And-Play ready space available for customer as per their requirement for deploying their own cabinets and IT equipment.

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      Caged Solution

      Designed for enterprises looking for flexible options but desiring to retain complete control over their environment, from environmental conditions to security.

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      Rack Colocation

      We provide secure lockable rack cabinets with power and high speed network connectivity in modular data suites of varied sizes to co-locate compute, storage and network appliances. These data suites are equipped with dedicated air conditioning. These digitally secured cabinets are available as a part of dedicated suite and shared suite depending on customer requirements.

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      Sub-Cabinet Services

      This is suitable for enterprises who want to leverage a shared rack to co-locate handful of IT appliances on a "Per U" basis, yet enjoying a fully redundant data center environment. This is backed by independent N+N power and cable feeds. Best suited for starting small and scaling at will.

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      Hands and Feet Support

      Our Hands and Feet Support helps in assisting customers in preliminary physical checks of their hosted environment, port & cabling checks, reporting equipment indicators and on-demand physical re-boots. This service plays a crucial role of an extended arm for customers who do not have personnel presence inside the data center.



It is imperative to get the right advice when building your data center; right from the conceptualization phase. From selecting land/location to sizing the data center's capacity that suits your current and prospective prerequisites. Our proficient team can comprehend your requirements and prepare a thorough assessment and its associated estimated cost. Sizing the data center is a critical factor in controlling your expenses. Understanding the requirements and appropriate advice on sizing for power, cooling, and other electrical & mechanical components is a must. Further detailing includes estimating the Construction Area, Compartmentalization, and Load-bearing Capacity, among others.

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    Seismic Zone Category

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    History of Natural Calamities

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    Fiber Connectivity

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    Water Supply

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    Ease of Regulatory Approvals



Pi Data Centers have extensive operating experience, with large to medium size data centers, for enterprises and governments. Our data center operation comprises systems and workflows within a data center that keeps it running. It includes installing and maintaining network resources, ensuring data center security, and monitoring systems for power and cooling. The IT requirements of companies that own data centers define many types of data centers, varying in size, reliability, and redundancy. The growth of cloud computing is pushing data centers to modernize, including updated operations that take advantage of virtualization and automation. As time-tested and industry weighted data center operators, we bring in the expertise & in-depth knowledge to put all the dots together and bridge the gaps as your trusted partner to operate your data center.



The Data Center design is the vital aspect that determines your total CAPEX and the OPEX. Once the implementation completes, it becomes problematic to undo a sub-optimal design. However, an optimal design can save Millions regarding CAPEX and OPEX. The Pi design team consists of UPTIME-Certified Architects(ATDs) who can bring your vision to reality through their experience and expertise by assimilating essential features required for a Data Center to run. The design includes the Master plan, Structural design, Mechanical & Electrical Design Drawings, HVAC, Security/ Surveillance, Fire Suppression, Access Controls, and End-to-End Automation. Our deliverables also include Design Certifications.

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Data Center build differs from traditional buildings, and the load-bearing, compartmentalization, and significant structural spans play a critical role. However, often it is easy to overdo the sizing, which inflates the overall cost unless it is designed and built appropriately. We have expertise in selecting the right construction partner for the civil and M&E phases of the project, among others, to execute the build of the DC in the stipulated time. Getting construction & statutory approvals on time is imperative. Our experts have outstanding experience with feet on the ground working with the relevant statutory bodies that will help you achieve the best.

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Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

To ensure on-time completion, addressing the project timelines is critical besides the quality task and process being implemented. The PMC encloses execution and completion of the scope of all the essential aspects, including Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical, which contains low side, HVAC, Security/ Surveillance, Fire Suppression, Access Controls, and end-to-end automation. Once the project is completed, we ensure end-to-end testing with the appointed agency to ensure validation against the design parameters before handing it over.

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About Locations

Vijayawada Data Center (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh)

  • Uptime Institute Tier IV Certified

  • Built on 10 acres datacenter campus (1st and only in India)

  • No of Racks : Upto 5000

  • Built Up Area : 50,00,00 Sq.ft

  • Power Capacity : Upto 60 MW (dedicated in campus substation)

  • Security Levels : Eight Levels Of Stringent Security Layers


Features of Vijayawada

1. 2N fault tolerant modular architecture providing at least 48 hours’ power outage protection.

2. Utility power through independent routes from dual substations

3. Lowest power cost in the Industry

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Kochi Data Center (Kottapuram Road, Aroor)

  • Uptime Institute Tier 3 Design Compliant

  • No of Racks 200

  • Built-Up Area 20,000 Sq.ft

  • Power Capacity: 3MW

  • Security Levels: Eight Levels Of Stringent Security Layers


Features of Kochi

1.N+1 fault-tolerant modular architecture provides at least 48 hours of power outage protection.

2.Utility power through independent routes from dual substations

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Data Center Infrastructure


Design Considerations

    • Data Hall

      Room Temperature : 22+/-2 deg. C

      Relative Humidity: 50+/-10%

      (controlled by de-humidifiers)

    • UPS Switch Rooms

      Room Temperature : 22+/-2 deg. C

      Relative Humidity: 50+/-10%

    • Battery Room

      Room Temperature : 22+/-2 deg. C

      Relative Humidity: 50+/-10%

    • Chilled Water (CHW)

      Supply Temperature : 8 deg. C

      Return Temperature : 10 deg. C

    • Office & All
      Other Air-Conditioned Rooms

      Room Temperature : 22+/-2 deg. C

      Relative Humidity: Less than 70 deg. C

Our Features

  • Security & Surveillance

    24x7 Physical, Personnel & Vehicular Security

    Automated Bollards

    Vehicles Scanning at Main Entrance with Number & Driver's photo captured

    IP-based CCTV System

    Entire premise under Surveillance Monitoring

    Visitors Entry With Mandatory Photo ID

    Bio Authentication

    Full Body Scanner

    Baggage & Mail Scanners


  • Fire Safety/ Suppersion

    VESDA and Multiple Fire Detection System

    Clean Agent – Novec 1230 Gas suppression


    HVAC and Chiller Monitoring

    Energy Meter Monitoring

    DG Monitoring

    HSD Monitoring

    Transformer Monitoring

    UPS Monitoring

    PDU Monitoring

    Battery Monitoring

    All HVAC, Electrical, Fuel, Fire Safety and Security

  • Fiber Connectivity

    ISP of Choice (Carrier Neutral)

    TATA, Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, RailTel, IDEA

    Fiber Cables from redundant fiber paths into redundant "Meet Me" rooms

  • Administrative



    Dedicated Customer Seating Modules

    Meeting Rooms

    Staging Room

    Video Conference

    Storage Area

  • Other Critical Features

    WLD (Water Leak Detection)

    OLD (Oil Leak Detection)

    Rodent Control

    Dust-free Zones

Data Center Portfolio

Benefits Of Our Colocation

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      Modular Architecture

      Modular Private Data Suites with capacities of 60 Racks and 120 Racks each, with total facility capacity of up to 5000 Racks. Each suite is dedicated or a multi-tenant environment in itself.

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      Pi Vijayawada is a 100% automated SCADA/DCIM facility wherein all electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire safety, security and surveillance equipment are monitored live and can be controlled instantly with a click of a button from the Global Command Center located within the facility.

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      Uncompromised Security

      8 levels of stringent security from the main entrance to the data racks. All Data suites and NOCs are provided with biometric/physical key access and are monitored and managed by the iBMS.

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      Dedicated NOCs

      Exclusive Customer-NOCs for Enterprises to manage their network, systems, applications and security in a private secured environment.

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      Rapid Deployment

      Plug-And-Play private suites enable customers to quickly colocate their IT infrastructure at Pi, rather than taking months at traditional data centers.

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      Low Total Cost-Of-Ownership

      Innovative data center design, better PUE, low Power cost and Flexible business model translate to significant cost savings for our customers.

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