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Today, we are celebrating International Women's Day for the year 2023 hashtag#EmbraceEquity, which has marked the contribution of women in every sphere of our lives for more than a century, including the cultural, political, and socio-economic domains. Every year with a different theme, International Women's Day allows us to reflect deeply, understand, and realize the importance of feminine power from a particular perspective.

This year's Women's Day theme revolves around "Gender Equity Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow," which strives to showcase that Equity isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. A focus on gender equity must be part of every society's DNA. Gender Equity aims to get the World conversing about Why equal opportunities aren't sufficient. People start from distinct places, so real inclusion and belonging demand equitable actions.

So many recent events have highlighted the importance of understanding gender disparity. On August 18, 2021, the Supreme Court of India passed a historic verdict allowing women in India to attend the National Defense Academy Exam. Overturning a previously held eligibility criteria that restricted them from doing so based on their gender, this decision marked a monumental shift in the social paradigm of the entire country. These events have repeatedly reflected the social leap that society still needs to envisage to give the proper respect that our community's women deserve.

Gender equity and empowerment must remain a priority to the World and not just to a specific country. To drive transformative change, we all need to take yearlong initiatives to explore the critical progress and lessons learned over the last several decades and develop ideas and momentum for the future.

For sustainable, resilient, and inclusive development, women and girls need to be given the tools they need to use their human capital to become leaders, business owners, and changemakers. Together with girls' education, family planning, reproductive and sexual health, and fewer child marriages, women's economic empowerment can help the transition to low-carbon economies, improve resource use, reduce environmental damage and land fragmentation, and make people more resilient. Let's promote Gender Equity and women's empowerment today for a better future.

As an organization, we can take some inspiration and adopt the philosophy and intent behind this year's theme. Any growth-oriented organization welcomes sustainable growth, and our aim should be to follow the directives and make gender equity a paramount value of our organization. We shall strive to eradicate any condition discouraging their inclusion and participation in the workplace. This shall be our version of celebrating this year's International Women's Day.

We should aspire to attain the same and, within our capacity, raise the quality of our ecosystem to be welcoming, nurturing, and sustainable for women.