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How to Kickback Procrastination?

Being lazy is good, exciting and interesting. It is the best feeling always. Be lazy, be happy, stay in comfort. The word is procrastination, coined around 1588 A.D, but being widely used in 20th century. It is the after effects of laziness. Delaying things, missing targets, skipping deadlines, act of being lazy and repeating the same subconsciously.

Bill Gates inspired millions around the globe, so was I among them. I was fascinated with his intelligence, quick response, thought process and ideology. Building products to reach every human and for greater sustainability of mankind was his foresight in every decision. Unfortunately, lately I was attracted towards his famous statement – “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Prepare to plan, plan to execute, execute to deliver is my motto in life. Every aspect in my life, be it daily chores, routine job, professional targets, personal commitments and many more are closely associated with it. I love being lazy and feel things happen overnight. Remember there is no lookback in life. In technical terms, there is no CTRL+Z in life. Either you do it or don’t. You’ve to deal with it. Period.

The act of laziness helped me in delivering few fantastic moments in my life. 80% of any given time, I use to stand by and think of preparation towards the job. The remaining 20% of time goes into executing the plan relentlessly with much more productivity. While I chose this option rather being conventional, this enabled me to gain insights of various shortcuts, innovations, optimized thinking and efficient smart work.

I don’t panic. I act being lazy. I am not lazy. I take time to prepare myself. What happens if you don’t plan and execute? Seconds burn to minutes. Hours burn to days. No look back again. Time flies at its own pace. Either you control it or get controlled. Hard work is forgotten word. Be smart, act wise, learn to innovate and survive by innovation.