What Is MeitY?

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), the premium agency of the government of India, provides its policy guidelines to all government and state public sector organizations. Private sector organizations across all industry verticals dealing into citizen data and data related to national security and sovereignt.

In today's digital industry dynamics cloud adoption has taken critical priority for both private and government enterprises to keep up to speed. MeitY, under the Meghraj Cloud Initiative and Digital India Initiative of Government of India, plays an important role in ensuring that there is a stringent mechanism in place to qualify the cloud service providers. This requires cloud services to be certified as compliant against a pre-established set of standards and guidelines on security, interoperability, data portability, service level agreement, and contractual terms and conditions. Auditors accredited by MeitY verify compliance by conducting audits of cloud service providers.

On successful empanelment, the cloud service provider is required to list its services on the government cloud service portal directory. All central and state government organizations along with public service institutions get a ready dashboard to pick from the empanelled service providers and relevant services in-line to their operational and business needs.

Pi & Ministry Of Electronics & Information Technology

  • Public Cloud To Share

    Public cloud to share multi-tenant public cloud services.

  • Government-Virtual

    Government Virtual Private Cloud, which are logically separate from the public and other cloud services offerings.

  • GCC

    Government Community Cloud (GCC), for cloud services that are dedicated to government departments and physically separate from the public and other cloud services offerings.

Why Did Pi Get The MeitY Empanelment?

  • Robust Infrastructure:

    Enterprise cloud infrastructure, riding
    on Pi’s own World class Uptime
    Institute TIER IV Certified data center,
    build to global standards & TIA942
    certified. Cloud fabric, backed by
    inhouse Internet Exchange & CDN on

  • Multi-hypervisor

    Multi-hypervisor enabled cloud platform for delivering bouquet of SaaS, PaaS & IaaS services over Public, Private (vps) and highly secured Government CommunityCloud (GCC). 100% compliant to data localisation guidelines of Govt of India.

  • Anywhere and anytime access

    Access your applications anytime, anywhere through stationed or mobile devices. This is enabled by cluster of technologies plugged into our enterprise cloud fabric, allowing users to enjoy the same level of high secured access, that they enjoy at workplaces. Access controls framework, guides the role-based access to applications and data for each user irrespective of the location they access from.

  • Scalability

    Scale at will, without compromising on resilience. Greater flexibility as you only pay for what you use and can easily scale upward and downward on demand. Hence you are not required to pre commit your budget.

  • Multi-layer security

    Our data centres boast of multitier physical, electronic and zero trust digital security measures, hence making your data safer on cloud than ever before.

  • Zero Outsourcing

    Inhouse managed services capabilities. Zero outsourcing policy to manage cloud zones and workloads. No third-party access to sensitive client data. Works on a simple framework of “Consulting @ The Core”, as the extended arm of the clients.

  • TCO Optimisation and Predictable Cost model

    Precision planning & innovation at the core infrastructure and cloud fabric level resulting to TCO optimisation Recurring pricing models. Zero upfront costs and predictable payout models that cover software licenses, upgrades, support, daily back-ups and other in scope... services, significantly reduces fund outflow.

  • Worry-free IT

    No need to worry about the maintenance of the infrastructure, compatibility, security, and upgrades. We have it all covered and taken care of by default.

How Are We Contributing From Here On?

Providing e-Infrastructure for delivery of e-Services to promote e-Governance for empowering citizens, through inclusive and sustainable growth of the digital footprint. This would help enhance India’s role in Global Platforms of Internet Governance. It is the application of e-ICT in government operations, achieving public ends by digital means with the purpose of increasing efficiency and transparency.

Supporting the central and state governments and associated public sector organizations in promoting the fast growing digital economy. Enabling faster buying process and availability of services for customers. This can help reduce lag time and operation cost. It would encourage more citizen services to go online and be available real-time.

Providing Indian and state governments an efficient cloud enabled infrastructure platform technology to promote and encourage real time innovation disruption and e-Learning. Providing support for development of Knowledge Network, an efficient way of delivering education at the remotest of locations from anywhere and at any time.

Our multi-tiered digital and Cyber Securing overlay around our cloud would ensure access control, intrusion control ensuring secure e-Transactions and federated transmission of data to a facility or an area which uses power from mains and also a power backup like a battery.

To promote more inclusive growth, it is important to increase accessibility and usability of information and communication technology (ICT) tools and services, as well as the ability and skills of all individuals to use these tools. This will allow people to participate in knowledge-based activities and access financial, social, and government services online, as well as giving professionals greater communication and flexibility in their work.

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