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Our current and future datacenters and enterprise cloud fabric are modularly designed keeping dynamic data surge in the formula


30-Mar-2021, Tuesday

Data center growth in India: From a Hyperscale datacenter perspective, there are two key elements that matter the most – Availability of on-demand scalable space and power. Out of these two, Power, takes the podium. With the need for high-end compute processing reaching a mammoth level, the demand for uninterrupted quality power is at its peak like never before. From that perspective, if we look at India, we find ourselves underprepared to support such hyperscale demand for sustainable and green energy at a lower TCO.

The demand for modular colocation is not only rising from the global hyperscale enterprises in the space of social media, retail, and technology, but also, from many large Indian businesses. If we do a 10 years’ demand forecast analysis keeping in mind the hyperscale/colocation clients, it will run into several hundreds of megawatts of power demand. Hence a lot more capacity needs to be built that would serve industry verticals.

Hybrid Data centers – While we still see a significant capacity of data being hosted On-Premises by enterprises across industry verticals, there is a visible shift in demand where enterprises are factoring collocation of their partial data to a third party professionally run Data center. We can easily predict that eventually 20% capacity may still remain On-Premises, while 80% of the capacity would be outsourced to third party data centers. Another smart way to create cost and operational linearity.

Security & Data center: Pi DATACENTERS, is a unique story of being India’s first Uptime Institute TIER IV certified hyperscale data center on one hand and on the other hand, owns the only native Indian enterprise cloud platform, pi-cloud. Both data center and cloud, operate on IOT enabled uniform federated architecture, across multiple locations and cloud point of presences within India. This enables businesses to run their mission critical workloads seamlessly with 99.995% availability and complying to data localisation.

A year back, Pi introduced, its integrated Virtual Workspaces solutions, for businesses. This has aided to the productivity for professionals working from home and remote locations. The latest introduction was HarbourFront, Pi’s indigenous CDN on cloud. Its multi path routing delivers content faster and in a very highly secured manner. This has come as a boon for businesses who thrive on live streaming and content on demand. For Indian businesses and global businesses operating in India, Pi has evolved as synonymous, to Business Empathy and Customer Centricity.

Readiness to meet the demand: Over the last few months businesses have witnessed enormous growth in terms of network traffic, increase in system complexity and content rich data, especially in the fields of video-streaming, gaming, e-healthcare and online education, to name a few. With this unprecedented growth, the demand for high performance computing with greater density is at its peak. Looking at this major shift, Pi has invested both dollars and time into product innovation and service excellence, to make data availability, delivery, and consumption seamless to the end user.

With the ever-growing data travelling transcontinental over the wire, storage and network play an important role. We have designed, our internal cloud network to handle loads up to 100 Gigs on a spine – leaf architecture with redundant routes. Similarly, we have enabled scale as you grow models, where clients can scale their compute, network and storage on demand basis their business needs and seasonal spikes.Our current and future data centers and enterprise cloud fabric are modularly designed keeping dynamic data surge in the formula. We are future ready.