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Why NOC?

NOC services are essential to any modern business's IT infrastructure. As a service, Pi's Network Operating Center (NOC) aims to ensure that your business's networks are continuously supervised, monitored, and maintained to minimize disruptions and downtime. It is designed to help organizations strengthen their networks' optimal performance and perform other business-critical tasks like network troubleshooting, software distribution & updating, coordination with interconnected networks, and more.

Our team of highly trained NOC engineers is available around the clock and carries out activities like:

  • Network Monitoring and Updates
  • Communications Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Performance and Quality Reporting
  • Security Alerts
  • Threat Analysis
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Incident Response
  • Policy Enforcement
    (As Per User Guidelines)
  • Quality Control and Assurance
    (in terms of the NOC)
  • Data and Storage Compliance

The key benefit of our NOC service is real-time responses and quick resolution. A prompt response reduces disruptions and prevents major business losses. NOC as a service lets businesses analyze complex network infrastructure, identify disruption causes, and prevent future incidents. A proactive approach can protect sensitive data, avoid costly downtime, and ensure smooth operations.

Why NOC @ Pi?

Our Network Operations Center is not just a reactionary force; it's a proactive ally in optimizing your network's performance and ensuring its security. This extends beyond the scope of simply monitoring for potential issues; it also encompasses implementing best practices to ensure that the network operates optimally and furnishing regular updates and reports on its status.

Advantages of Pi NOC

Installing, Troubleshooting, and Patching

Our dedicated NOC team handles critical network software, ensuring seamless operations.

Security Alerts and Reporting

Collaborating with your security team, we provide alerts and detailed reports to prevent potential incidents.

Firewall Management

Monitor and manage firewalls to fortify ongoing network and business security.

Threat Identification and Mitigation

Adept at spotting and mitigating security issues, minimizing potential damage.

Pi Value Proposition

Continued Monitoring and Maintenance

Ensuring your network operates at its peak performance.

Zero Disruptions and Downtime

Minimizing interruptions for uninterrupted business operations.

24/7 Availability

Our NOC resources are at your service round the clock.

Trained NOC Resources

A team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to safeguarding your network.

Real-time Response to Incidents

Swift action to mitigate the impact of disruptions.

Prevent Issues

Proactive measures to avoid severe business losses.

Identification and Resolution of the Root Cause

Analyzing disruptions at their source for long-term solutions.

Ongoing Support

Beyond monitoring, we provide continuous support for your network.

Network Optimization

Implementing best practices to ensure your network operates optimally.

Regular Updates and Reports

Furnishing detailed insights to keep you informed.

Dedicated Service and Support

Tailored support to meet your specific business needs.

Choose Pi for a partnership that goes beyond mere surveillance, offering proactive support and optimization to propel your business forward.