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In the recent years there has been acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. Let us plan, build and manage your networks to help your enterprise respond to the unexpected. Our software-defined network services makes it possible to create, provision and manage networks flawlessly. It continues to leverage while continuing to leverage the underlying physical network as the packet-forwarding backplane. Pi Cloud also enables enterprises to gain end-to-end visibility and analysis of applications, users, and devices across the network.

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Address your growing infrastructure needs, regional expansions, and redundancy plans

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  • Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

    Improved network speed, enhanced security

    Pi Cloud, with its underlying Software Defined infrastructure has integrated SD-WAN to its architecture. It has enabled network admins to use bandwidth more efficiently, ensuring high performance for critical applications without compromising on security or data privacy. The unified WAN backbone delivers comprehensive analytics across the enterprise backbone.

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

    Reliable connectivity for real-time applications

    MPLS on Pi Cloud enables enterprises to build advanced and intelligent networks that deliver a wide variety of services over a single infrastructure. This solution can be utilized for bandwidth adjustment, to reduce network congestion and increase quality of service. Enterprises with diverse access links can be added on an MPLS edge without changing their current environments.

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  • Direct Connect (P2P)

    Dedicated connection from your premises to Pi Cloud

    Seamless and secure Point to Point ethernet connection ensures your premise is directly connected to Pi Cloud. Enterprises can also establish private connectivity between pi-cloud and their multi cloud environments. This ensures increased bandwidth throughput up to hundreds of Gigs to meet real-time spikes and eases the transfer of large data sets over the wire.

  • Wifi on Cloud

    Centralized and managed wifi solution

    Pi Cloud allows enterprises to operate its multi-locale wifi environment on cloud. Managing the entire wifi network on cloud is equally seamless. It eliminates the need of having on-premise wireless controller hardware, thereby ensuring swift scalability. It also offers users, an enhanced experience through location-based and context-aware applications, while reducing capex and operational expense with a pay-as-you-go model.

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  • HarbourFrontTM(CDN)

    Deliver content fast, efficiently and securely

    HarbourfrontTM(CDN), India's first indigenous content service ensures high availability and performace. By geographically distributing a network of proxy servers and caching data spatially relative to end users, HarbourfrontTM(CDN) ensures ensures high availability and performance. It can be used for content storage and delivery service for web acceleration, file download optimization, transcoding, video on demand and live streaming.
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  • Load Balancer (LB)

    Increased performance and high availability

    Enterprises can leverage Pi Cloud to distribute workloads and compute resources on hybrid and heterogeneous cloud environments. This service is adopted by enterprises to dynamically manage resource allocation and workload demands. Lower cost of ownership, ease of scale and manageability, are some of its key advantages over conventional on-premise load balancing .

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  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Securely access your network resources

    VPN on Pi Cloud provides anonymity by creating a private network over open internet. It enables enterprises to access their workloads on cloud from anywhere, any time, and through any device, without compromising the security. Masking of internet protocol (IP) address keeps your transactions at bay from intrusion. Network admins can use VPN to gain visibility into network, certificate pinning, and encrypting data

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  • Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

    Monitor and control network traffic, basis pre-defined rules

    FWaaS on Pi Cloud is the first layer of defence for enterprise workloads and eliminates the need for appliance form factor. Our fwaas ensures perimter level security for enterprises at their hub offices,branch locations and end-points. All of these without the need to install additional hardware.

    Features: URL filtering | Intrusion Prevention | Intrusion Detection | Global Connect